Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Feast

I'm stuffed.  Holidays at Ron's parents house usually involve a lot of food.  Today we had this feast for lunch and dinner:

Ron made a really tasty ham that didn't make it to the photo (with this Simply Recipe glaze) and the kielbasa with sauerkraut.

The stars of the buffet where Ron's Mom's pineapple stuffing, it's SO good with the ham and Ron's sister's german potato salad.  Warm potatoes with mustard and vinegar and lots of bacon:

How could that be bad?  Oh I made those deviled eggs too - Ron picked up the jumbo eggs by mistake and EVERY one had a double yolk.  You can see the two yolk holes if you look closely at the picture.  Weird right?  And they were even the free range organic kind - not like they added some crazy chicken twin making hormone.  

I made a couple of desserts, the first was an attempt at a lemon tart that tasted really good but didn't firm up right.  As we drove over to New Jersey the strawberries started to fall into the lemon curd and shift to one side or another depending on which way the car was turning.  I kept having to spin it around in my lap to keep it looking even.  
I got the recipe for the tart and curd from Half Baked.  I don't think I whipped the curd long enough in the double boiler.  This was great when I got home and threw it in a bowl, crushed up the crust and ate the whole thing with a spoon, it didn't look quite as pretty as when I started but it sure was yummy.

My second dessert was more successful, a really really great carrot cake from Smitten Kitchen

Ron's mom wouldn't let us leave without lots of leftovers, so we'll be eating Easter ham and carrot cakes for days.  Bummer, huh?

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