Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Mandoline Trick!

Mandolines are scary, right? I pretty much told my mother she's not allowed to buy one, far too risky. I was at the point where I'd lost too many thumb chunks to even bring the thing out of my cabinet anymore. When I watch "Iron Chef" and see them slice things lengthwise so their palm is so close to the blade I cringe just imagining what a hand would look like without a palm.

Then I read about this little trick:
(Um...please ignore the mess in the kitchen, this is generally what it looks like pre-dinner party!)

Brilliant right? You might lose a little fabric from your oven mitt but you'll keep all of your fingers and your palm! I can't remember where I read this but Oven-Mitt-as-Hand-Guard Inventor if you're out there - thank you!

Here's a closer look:

Now just toss those carrots with a bit of honey, butter, salt and pepper and saute until they're just tender and starting to get golden then add a handful of chopped parsley - so good and really pretty.

Did everyone know about this trick already and I'm the only idiot left without fingerprints? Hope not.