Saturday, March 26, 2011

Need to blog...

I've been busy, I know it's an excuse I use constantly and I really wish I was better at keeping this blog up...but I'm not. Work and life tend to get in my way. It's not that I haven't been cooking or baking it's just that I've been working weird hours and when I cook I really just want to eat, not take a picture, not write a blog, just eat.

BUT the good news is that we just signed up for Greensgrow again which means soon we'll have local produce galore and I'll try to blog more. My current gig will be done in 7 weeks or so then I'll be back on the job hunt. If the hunt is unsuccessful chances are you'll see a lot more blogs! Especially since my husband took another job in NYC - when he's not around I have a lot more free time (read: it's sort of lonely).

Just for kicks I'll leave you with this little gem:

THAT readers is a jello shot bar from my buddy Carla's bachelorette party. This bachelorette party started with pole dancing, it was a week ago and I'm just now getting the full movement back in both of my arms. I have a new respect for strippers. Anyway...these jello shot lead to a ridiculously fun night. But these aren't just any jello shots - these are classy jello shots. Most recipes are from this blog. I recommend you make a couple, slurp a couple then go dancing.