Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Detox

While Ron's away working in NYC I tend to eat super healthy during the week - heavy on the fruits and vegetables and light on the meat. I eat this way during the week for lots of reasons: it's good for me, it's easy, it's cheap BUT most of all it's because my weekends tend to filled with things like this:


Our weekends in NY are indulgent to say the least - Ron has a roommate so sitting around the house and making meals at home always seems a little awkward so we eat out...ALOT at places like Eataly (aka heaven) where the above picture was taken and great little joints in Ron's Park Slop neighborhood like Miriam for brunch and Palo Santo for dinner.

So come Monday mornings I generally feel like a little detox in necessary. I lean on meals like this one:


Tons of roasted vegetables (in this case mushrooms, onions, carrots, broccoli AND red cabbage!) with some chick peas, feta and toasted pita on the side. Roasting enough vegetables for five meals is just as easy as roasting enough for one and lately I've been making a giant tray of them and eating them all week. Plain greek yogurt with fruit and whole grain cereal for breakfast and meals like this for lunch and dinner so far have kept me fitting in my pants while allowing me to still be a giant pig on the weekends (see proof of piggy-ness here).