Friday, July 18, 2008

The South Philly Special

There's been a little buzz on the internet about what my friends and I call the South Philly Special.  It actually might be an old buzz but Ron just stumbled upon it and insisted that I write this post.  Slashfood has an entry about what they call the "Philly Taco".  I'm proud to say that my friends have actually eaten one of these - I'm sad to say that I missed out on it.  Our recipe calls for half of a Jim's Steak and a piece of Lorenzo's pizza - simply wrap the piece of pizza around the steak and dig in.  

It's a perfect blend of meat grease and cheese grease.  I imagine that amount of grease and carbs is great at preventing hangovers which works out well considering no sober person would ingest one of these.  Lorenzo's, the pizza place for the South Street drunks, serves slices of really good pizza (even better when you're drunk) the size of your head - the perfect size to fit wrap up a cheesesteak.  The "Triple S" is best shared with friends in Lorenzo's mirrored "room of shame" - you know the mirrored room that forces you to watch your sloppy self scarf down this 40 grams of fat mess.  Now that's a good end to a night out in Philly.        

**I've blacked out the eyes to protect the identity of the shamed

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ron c. said...

I suppose I have no shame...