Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Love-Hate Relationship

I'm stuck in the airport in Denver after my last shoot of the season. Ugh - flying never doesn't suck. I meant to blog about this love hate relationship last week but ran out of time. I figured now was a good time to write!

As you know I recently had a kick ass tailgate/4th of July party. The food was all really good and everyone ate way more "real" food than they did junk food which left me with this little problem:

I LOVE party mix! Are there people that don't? If there are I don't think we'd get along. I normally don't keep junk in the house because I lack self control. But I also hate to throw food away - I'm often outside begging the neighbor kids to eat my baked goods so I don't eat a dozen cookies in one sitting. I'm hoping when I get home that this giant tub of party mix will be gone. But, if it's not I'll probably pick all the good stuff out until it's just a tub of pretzels.
(**I wrote this in Denver but couldn't post until I got home. Bad's still here taunting me!)

I should probably share an actual dish with you - this one is so simple and delicious. Ron made these bay scallops with shallots, garlic, butter, lemon and parsley tossed with whole wheat linguini. I topped mine with some halved grape tomatoes. I don't eat pasta often but when I do I like to have it nice and light just like this.


AdicaRoy said...

That pasta looks delicious and if I was eating it, my bowl would've been about four times bigger.

Also, I literally just finished cooking the recipe for chickpeas and ground beef that you gave me and it is so delicious that I had to wrap it up and stick it in the back of the fridge behind the milk because I was tempted to eat the whole thing at 11:30 at night. Thanks! said...

My bowl is only small because I over-snacked on party mix before dinner.

You just reminded me of that chickpea dish - I should make that again soon. I love Mark Bittman. For all three of my dedicated readers here is the recipe that Addie is talking about via Kalyn at Kalyn's kitchen: Spicy Chick Peas with Beef and Cilantro

Addie I'm sure you've seen this newest addition to the 101 mini-series. But if anyone else wants to see some Bittman brilliance here is is. 101 Fast Recipes for Inspired Picnics