Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goodbye Ford Focus - You've been good to us.

This is not about food - it's about saying goodbye to a friend. Ron and I are sad to announce the passing of our 2000 Ford Focus Hatchback. We are lucky to have experienced over two years of his trusty service but sadly on Saturday, July 12th, he was totaled in a hit and run. I was working in Colorado when Ron left the house to find this:

The jerk hit three cars and DROVE AWAY! Unbelievable right? It doesn't look too bad but we didn't pay much for the car and the axel is bent which means it would need lots of work and lots of money to fix, so it's technically totaled. We're on the search for a replacement - we'd like to replace this Ford Focus Hatchback with a Ford Focus Hatchback. I'm pretty sure that this hit and runner isn't one of my four dedicated readers (because he's probably not my mom) but if you are - shame on you! You owe me a Focus.

If anyone sees a dark blue vehicle with a front driver's side light missing and a driver that looks like he might be the hit-several-cars-and-drive-away type please email me his license number. His light was still stuck to my bumper when Ron found it!

The old Focus, or "Urban Assault Vehicle" as we commonly referred to it, is survived by his mother, Sara, and father, Ron, and a whole slew of dear friends. We'll miss you. Feel free to post your memories here.

Now on to a VERY important question - who wants to host the tailgates from now on?


The Camouflage Chef said...

I'll always remember the little guy fondly. He could fit a grill, two coolers, a table, two chairs, a set of washers and play the theme from Rocky proudly! There are too many tailgate memories to pick out a specific one.

I'll remember driving home from Atlantic City listening to T.I way too loud!

I'll remember wine tours in Long Island...

I'll also remember calling him in stolen on the day after St. Patty's, only to be topped the following St. Patty's by throwing up out the passenger window all over Dustin and South Philly!

Good times...

RereP said...

I am also going to miss all those times I got in the Ford Focus and heard the NPR on the radio and had no idea what they were talking about.

Seeing Ron's Dunkin Donuts trash all over the floor will also be something of the past.

Yes....good times no longer.

juan said...

I can't wait to break the new Ford Focus Hatchbacks front seat reclining mechanism. Good times indeed.