Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garbanzos con Morcilla

Garbanzos con Morcilla sounds prettier than chickpeas with blood sausage, right? I wrote about this delicious dish that Ron and I had in Barcelona a couple of years ago. When I was eating it I had no idea it had blood sausage in it - but turns out that's probably the ingredient that makes it so delicious.

Sometime on lazy Sundays we like to experiment with some more time consuming dishes or with some ingredients we don't normally use. I had pulled out a Barcelona cookbook that our friends bought us when we got engaged and it had me craving those chickpeas! After finding this recipe, tracking down blood sausage at Cousins Supermarket in North Philly and throwing together a batch of no knead bread we were well on our way to this at-home version of that awesome Bar Pinotxo meal.

chickpeas with blood sausage

Not too shabby right?

The recipe was definitely close to what we remembered but looking back at pictures today I think we could have used half the amount of blood sausage.


Along with the chick peas we had a homemade baguette that we topped with olive oil, white anchovies, olives and spicy little red peppers. Oh, and a bottle of prosecco - you can't have a spanish meal without a bottle of prosecco!


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is just delightful because I had this exact same dish at Pinotxo last week, and came home and rifled through my Anya von Bremzen and other cookbooks on hand, and didn't find the recipe, and googled, "garbanzos morcilla" and up your post popped! Viva la vida en lĂ­nea! Thanks for posting! I'm going to add some golden raisins, which are included in the 2012 version of the dish. [And, uh... serve...cava not prosecco? Especially now that Spain needs every penny of our support? ;) ] Gaudiu! said...

Duh yes - Cava! I apparently got my spanish and italian bubbles confused. Enjoy!

Jorge Ramiro said...
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Jorge Ramiro said...

Garbanzos con morcilla!!! I have never tried this, but I think this will be like putting a bomb into your stomach. I have tried the morcilla of Buenos Aires and is great. They have a very big influence from the spanish culture. But they don't eat a lot of garbanzos. I have stayed in a Buenos Aires temporary rent apartments which where very nice. And across the street I had a restaurant of steaks... great.