Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomatoes + Homemade Bread = Perfect

I didn't always love tomatoes - in fact they were one of the few foods that I didn't like. But over the past few years I've smartened up and this time of year I can't get enough.

photo-5 photo-7 photo-4 photo-6

Tomatoes with cream cheese on toast? Okay! Pico De Gallo on just about everything? Yup. Perfect little heirlooms cut up with salt and pepper...for breakfast? Definitely.

Or how about this? BLT's on homemade no-knead bread. This might just be the perfect food.


This bread, slightly stale, tossed in olive oil and toasted up makes an awesome panzanella. Just one more way to use up all those tomatoes!


Mom said...

Oh how I remember that you hated tomatoes - you're getting wiser with age!!

ron said...

yep i was the same and now i'm pretty sure we're addicted!