Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tomato Festival!

While in Florida last weekend the fam and I went to a tomato festival near my sister's house.  It was pretty small with lots of vendors selling stuff I wasn't all that interested in but the food was pretty darn tasty.  

With the $5 cost of admission you got one of these huge tomato plants!
Unfortunately I don't think they'd make it past airport security so instead we scored three for my sister's house.

Another freebie - perfectly ripe sliced tomatoes.  Yum.  

Ron sampled some mullet stew from the mullet shack.

And we had the best fried green tomatoes ever.  Check out these batter fried beauties.
With ranch of course - it is the south!

We had a great weekend and it's nice to see that my sister and her family are settling into their new digs.  I think my sister's tomato fest purchase says it all.  
She's officially a country girl!  


Sharona May said...

WOW, That is awesome. I love the idea of a tomato festival.

Sharona May

Latrice said...

Oh, my goodness! Those little fried green tomatoes look so heavenly. I can't wait to show this post to my mother who will want a little taste for herself. I will defiantly have to try and come up with a way to emulate these for our own feast! Thanks so much for sharing! said...

Sharona May - I could have sat and ate all day! It was good stuff, I can't wait for tomatoes to be perfectly in season in my area. Tomato and mayo sandwiches...yum!

Latrice - Please let me know if you're able to replicate these. They were definitely batter fried - maybe even beer batter? SO good.

brand-eye said...

yumm. my uncle used to always bring us tomatoes from florida. they were amazingly delicious! i can't wait to bite into a good, ripe tomato this summer.