Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chicken Empanadas

Ron's cousins Cinco De Mayo party last week was a perfect excuse for me to make these empanadas I saw on Smitten Kitchen a while ago.  I followed the recipe for the dough and decided to wing it with the filling. 

For the filling I combined two shredded chicken breast (leftover from a roasted chicken the night before), a large red onion that I caramelized, 6 or so finely chopped green olives, a finely chopped chipotle, garlic, paprika, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper and a splash of the liquid from a jar of pickled jalepenos and a bit of tabasco to add the little bit of hear it was missing.  Whew - in other words I added just about anything with in an arms reach! 

I stuffed the empanadas, brushed them with egg wash and put them in the oven - 25 minutes later they came out crispy and golden brown.   

I generally have dough anxiety but this was really easy and came out perfect.  The final product went pretty quickly at the party - that's always a good sign!  

Looks good huh?  I only used about half of the dough and I'm looking forward to making big empanadas stuffed with Ron's homemade chicken sausage, veggies and cheese for a dinner this week.


Senor Tom D. said...

Mmmmm - I LOVE empanadas (the Colombian in me) my aunt Edith made the BEST beef/potato (authentic Colombian) empanadas ever when we were young - deep-fried, horrific for you, but so delicious, Drooling now... said...

Tom D - It's hard to go wrong with anything stuffed and fried!

Melbourne Hotels said...

I always buy empanada because that's my son's favorite. Really wanted to cook for him but just the same I had a hard time making the dough. But with your recipe, I will surely try it!