Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bacon Explosion

Yup that's right, bacon explosion.  A little while back Ron and I saw this meaty creation in the New York Times labeled as a "blog sensation".  I think Ron's been looking for an excuse to make it ever since.  One of my very best friends, Mike, was celebrating his birthday (I won't tell you how old but it's certainly a milestone b-day) and we were throwing a little birthday/memorial day BBQ for him down at FDR park.  Yay - an excuse for a 4 pound pork loaf!  Here's the gist:

Weave together a pound of bacon, top with 2lbs of hot sausage, top that with a pound of chopped fried bacon.  Top the fried bacon with BBQ sauce, roll up the sausage around the bacon then roll that up in the bacon weave.  


Once you've got the weave rolled up sprinkle it with BBQ seasoning then put it on the smoker.  Smoke your bacon explosion for 2 1/2 hours until it looks really dark brown, almost burnt.  Ron cooked this the day before the BBQ - when it was finished smoking he let it cool then wrapped it in tin foil and put it in the fridge.  The next day he took the foil off and slowly reheated it on the grill at the party.  He sliced it up and served it on hamburger rolls with BBQ sauce.  

I'll admit that I only had one bite, I feared that my arteries would instantly close.  But, that one bite was smokey and spicy and, of course, meaty!  It was definitely a hit with all of our friends - just look at all everyone taking pictures and video taping the much anticipated slicing of the bacon explosion!

More about the less heart attack inducing dishes I made for the BBQ soon!


ron said...

I don't know how we top this!?!
Anyone have any suggestions?

Christine said...

WOW! very impressive! I showed this bacon explosion to Bert and he said 2 things:
1. I could do a ton of shit with a bacon blanket!
2. i love her

juan said...

We can top it by hooking you up to an IV of bacon fat.

Mom said...

My oh my - such a guy thing (I can see Ross salivating over that!) I hope you made things to counter-act all that fat! Glad to see Ron wearing his Christmas present. said...

Ron - Maybe next time we can make a poultry version and instead of smoking it we fry it in duck fat?

Christine - Nothing like a warm bacon blanket. You can probably wrap just about anything in it - pizza, cheesesteaks, ooh a south street special wrapped in a bacon weave would be awesome.

Juan - I wonder how long it would take before your arteries clogged?

Mom - I thought of Ross when we made this, he's gonne be SO jealous. We made lots of healthy salads - that blog is tomorrow. Ron loves his Phillies apron but he kept on dropping things down the front of it on to his shirt!

Erika said...

Holy Heart attack!