Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cauliflower and Poblano Soup

When I saw the pictures of Roasted Cauliflower and Charred Poblano Soup that Maya over at My Feasts posted on her blog I knew I had to try it!  I love roasted cauliflower and smoky spicy poblanos but had never thought of combining them until I found this recipe that Maya posted from Bobby Flay's The Mesa Grill Cookbook. 

The recipe called for cream but I didn't add any, it was really creamy without it.  I didn't have any goat cheese to top mine with (although that sounds delicious!) so I went for sour cream and pepitas.  The pepitas added a nice crunch and the sour cream was a great contrast to the spicy poblanos.  


Ron said...

Two of my favorites! Cauliflower and poblanos... Awesome stuff.

RereP said...

This sounds delicious but is it a cold soup or hot soup? said...

Re I served this hot but I think that if you're into the cold soup scene this would be nice chilled too. I've got a cold soup aversion but I know not everyone does!