Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four days in and going strong!

Here are our meals for the day again - are you sick of this yet? I hope not!

Sara - you guessed it! Oatmeal, a banana and coffee
Ron - another quarter of that 4 egg mushroom fritatta

Sara - Leftover braised cabbage over white beans, seriously good. Orangette managed to take a beautiful photo of this cabbage but mine never come out looking like something I'd actually want to eat. You'll just have to take my word for it.  This might look burnt but really the crispy parts are the BEST parts.

Ron - Well, um, he spent some time with his family today and raided their corned beef and cabbage leftovers. But it was free! So that's okay right?

Sara & Ron - Chicken & Barley soup.

This is a pretty basic chicken soup. Carrots, celery, parsnip, some of our homemade chicken stock, leftover shredded chicken breast and some barley. We folded in some shredded mustard greens right before serving.  Yes, I know I didn't buy that parsnip with my $50 but it was sitting at the bottom of the crisper and letting it go to waste seemed silly, add a quarter to our tab! It's a dreary and chilly in Philly today so this warm soup was the perfect dinner.


Mom said...

My braised cabbage looked exactly like that. And you're right, it is delicious - who'd of thought cabbage could taste so buttery and good. Looking forward to the leftovers.

we like to cook tings.... said...

I love your blog! it has really inspired my sisters and I. We all live in different states and its a good way to share our kitchens with each other!

Concerning braising veggies, do you braise stovetop or oven style? I've read a bit about the amount of stock to add, but Im a bit confused on how much. Should there be enough liquid in the bottom of the pan to just come on the veggies about 1/4 inch?

Would love to hear your take on it.

Thanks! said...

we like to cook tings - thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I braise my veggies in the oven at 325 for 2 hours. I think it's about a 1/4 inch of liquid. Really Orangette's recipe is perfect, I just use a bit less oil and add a bit more stock. The cabbage tastes like butter - it's SO good.