Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chili Cook-Off!

Yesterday Ron and I hosted a Chili Cook-Off.  This was serious stuff - there were official judges and strict rules and regulations!  Check out the score cards we had made up:
Ron got so many printed that we'll probably be using these 2009 score cards through Chili Cook-Off 2012.

We had 10 entries and they were all so different.  There was pork chili, beef chili, chicken chili and turkey chili!  Verde, mole, with beans, without beans, there was even hominy and couscous.  This was TOUGH competition.  

Here are the fixin's: fresh jalapeno, pickled jalapeno, avocado, onion, queso fresco, cheddar and sour cream (not pictured).  We also had tortilla chips, corn bread mini muffins, bread and crackers.   Oh and dessert - I made chocolate chip cookies, Ron's mom made lime bars, and my friend Manon made butterscotch and chocolate chip bars.  

Thanks Ron Sr, T and Mike for judging.  It was a difficult job.

Gary won 3rd place and a box of cottonelle wipes (Ron thought of that one :)).   Andrea and Dan won 2nd place and a Phillies prize pack including some Phillies Mardi Gras beads that we got in New Orleans last week.  And the big winner was Ron's sister Amy - she won first place and a $50 Jose Garces gift card.  

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone that competed!  

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Laura said...

Where did you get the score cards printed (paper type/size)? Do you have a template?