Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sea Bass with Garlic Scape Pesto

I know, I know - garlic scapes? Their season came and went a long time ago. My computer has been a little under the weather and I'm obviously VERY behind on my blogging. But this was so tasty I felt I had to share! The sea bass was seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper - I put it under the broiler flesh side up for a couple minutes then I flipped it over and broiled it until the skin was crispy and the fish was cooked through.

The pesto was garlic scapes, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and parmesan cheese all blended up in the blender. The lentils were cooked in salted water while I sauteed onions and garlic, when the lentils were done I mixed them with the onions and garlic and added a little white wine and dijon mustard.

You should make this - just replace the garlic scape pesto with maybe some green pea pesto or broccoli rabe pesto. Yum.


Scott Markowitz said...

Do you buy all your fish at Reading Terminal? This Bass looks so good! said...

We buy almost all of our fish at the terminal - occasionally, if we're not planning ahead, we'll pick some up at Whole Foods. I like Johnny Yi's in the terminal - they're always really friendly and I've made several rare and raw seafood dishes with their fish and have never had a problem.