Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Duck, Duck...

Goose!  Ron and I got our hands on 4 goose breasts from one of my mom's coworkers who shot them himself (thanks Rudy!).  They've been sitting in the freezer for a little while now because I had no idea what to do with them.  They're skinless so I worried they would dry out - especially after I asked one of the chefs that I work what'd he do with them and he replied "throw them in the trash".  Well you know what?  He was wrong...oh so wrong. 

I started by splitting one breast and rubbing both halves with olive oil and seasoning them with salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

Next I started a side of lentils with mushrooms and turnip greens (inspired by this recipe over at Cooking Books - luckily there are leftovers that I can top with a poached egg!).  I put some french lentils in boiling water with a bay leaf, salt, pepper and a couple of crushed garlic cloves.  They took about a half an hour.  While they were boiling I sauteed some garlic and mushrooms, after a few minutes I added a quarter cup or so of red wine.  Once the wine boiled out I added some turnip greens, balsamic vinegar and seasoned to taste.  While the greens wilted I started the duck. 

I cooked the goose 4 minutes per side.  When it had just about 30 seconds left in the pan I added about a quarter cup balsamic.  The vinegar quickly got syrupy and sweet, I coated the goose in it and then took it out to rest before slicing it on a bias.  


I tossed the cooked lentils into the pan with the greens and mushrooms and served up this:

Oh it was good.  The goose was perfectly cooked and the lentils were really good.  I'm looking forward to using the other three breasts in my freezer!  Goose prosciutto perhaps?


homedotmade said...

We got goose breasts one year from our neighbor that hunts as well. Here's how we handled them. A marinade of red wine, fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Then a wrap in bacon and grilled. Yum.

Ron said...

That sounds awesome too!
We have three more, I'm gonna try this one.

me said...

That sounds great I will try some too. I have some pheasant that I got when I pick up my puppy. Let my know if you want some.