Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Butternut Squash, Red Wine and Onion Panade

I've been meaning to blog about this recipe for forever.  I made it when my mother was visiting from Long Island.  I'd had all of the ingredients and needed something to do while I was waiting for her to get in!  My mom and I couldn't stop picking at it and I brought it for lunch all week long, every time I finished a serving it made me a little bit sad.  That means it's really good!  Butternut squash isn't quite as easy to find in the store as it was a few months ago - but if you find one, make this immediately.  

The only true definition of "panade" that I can find is this:

panada; panade
1. A thick paste made by mixing bread crumbs, flour, rice, etc. with water, milk, stock, butter or sometimes egg yolks. It's used to bind meatballs, fish cakes, forcemeats and quenelles. 2. A sweet or savory soup made with bread crumbs and various other ingredients. It may be strained before serving.

BUT all the recipes I found involve day old bread, broth, cheese and vegetables.  Now doesn't that sounds better than something that binds forcemeat (eww)?  Molly from Orangette (read her blog - it's seriously awesome) calls her Chard, Onion and Gruyere Panade (next on my panades to make list) a "velvety, voluptuous casserole with a base of soggy bread and stewed onions".  I much prefer this definition because that is exactly what this is:

Another recipe that I don't really understand.  Why is this soggy bread good?  What doesn't it make me gag like a soggy sandwich would?  Oh it doesn't, it doesn't at all.  

I got this recipe from another inspiring food blog The Wednesday Chef.  Tons of stewed onions, red wine, really good day old bread, chicken stock, thyme, parm and gruyere - how could that be bad?  Cheesy, winy, carby goodness.  

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