Friday, November 7, 2008

Leek Confit and Herbed Goat Cheese Toasts

I'm about to give you the greatest recipe ever.  Next time you're asked to bring an appetizer to someone's home bring this (but not if I'm going to be there because chances are I'll be bringing it!).  Herbed goat cheese is a super yummy, versatile and easy to make spread.  I originally followed this recipe by Giada De Laurentiis but by now I've made it so many times I just wing it!  

All you need are equal parts goat cheese and cream cheese (I use neufchatel because it's what I have in the house) a squeeze of lemon, some lemon zest, salt, pepper and finely chopped herbs (whatever you have on hand - I used sage and rosemary today because they're growing in my kitchen).  Let the cheeses come to room temperature and mix everything together - add a little milk or cream or even water by the teaspoon to thin out the mixture and make it spreadable.  That's it!  Easy right?

Spread this on some baguette slices that you've toasted in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  You can top the spread with whatever tickles your fancy.  A few of my favorites are chopped green and black olives, diced apples mixed with a little lemon juice and honey, diced roasted beets and now leek confit!  I bet roasted butternut squash and caramelized onions would be awesome on this.

I saw this leek confit recipe in Bon Appetit last month and new that I had to serve it with these goat cheese toasts!  Just slice up a couple of leeks and rinse them in a sink full of water to get out all of the grit.  Put them in a pot with a couple tablespoons of butter a little salt and water. Put the lid on and let them slowly caramelize for 25 minutes or so - stirring every once in a while to make sure they don't stick.  I LOVE caramelized onions so of course I love this too, they're buttery and sweet and go with the tangy goat cheese really well.  

Don't they look rustic and yummy?  Oh they are, they certainly are.


junkdrawer said...

where did you take these...and why the hell weren't we invited! ;) said...

Ron's parents house! It was his dad's birthday - these went in about 15 minutes and it was just 6 of us!

Erika said...

When you come down to make me the french onion soup, could you make these too? And Nate and Ross would like the donuts (Ok, so maybe I want them - my ever growing belly and rear end dont need them, but that wont stop me!)