Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greensgrow CSA!

So...our CSA starts tomorrow. This year we're splitting a full share with a couple of friends so we'll get fresh, local goodies every week. I'm hoping to share a lot of it on my blog! Although it's too late to sign up for the CSA you should still visit Greensgrow for local fruits, veggies, and dairy. They also have tons of great plants.

I mean you're not going to find carrots like this at the grocery store:
Should I blur this photo?


Ron said...

It's funny cause it looks like a weiner!

Mom said...

Hey, that MY CSA carrot! Give Sang Lee credit for that one! said...

I know mom - I'm just saying that CSA's in general will give you more fun produce. The grocery store would never sell you a carrot with balls. NEVER.