Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have to stop meeting this way...

You know - this awkward "Oh hey, long time no see" thing. I make lame excuses why I haven't been around and you obviously don't buy them. Well sorry about that, I'll try not to be such a bad blogger!

I could keep make excuses...the holidays or wedding planning but really I just haven't been cooking all that much. Ron's been working in New York during the weeks and when it's just me I'm sticking with the basics. I'm also on the I-just-stuffed-my-face-for-an-entire-holiday-season-and-I-have-to-wear-a-wedding-dress-soon diet (you know the one!) which doesn't really lead to drool worthy meals. I've been eating well, don't get me wrong, just not a lot of new recipes. I currently have a Whole Foods rotisserie chicken addiction. I eat the dark meat for dinner the first couple of nights then turn the white meat into salads, soups or stews that I take for lunch all week. I even make stock out of the carcass - lots of bang for my buck!

Stick with me's about to slow down a bit and I'll post some healthy recipes soon! But to hold you over how about a crappy picture of not healthy spicy caramel popcorn?
Another fantastic recipe from smitten kitchen. I used the entire amount of popcorn kernels but only made half the caramel, I also went heavy on the salt and light on the cayenne, I though it was perfect. This is really easy and super delicious, we made for our New Years Eve party and it went quick!

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