Sunday, October 26, 2008

Donuts & the World Series!

Hey guys - remember me?  Don't worry it looks like unemployment is right around the corner for me AGAIN and I'll be back to more frequent blogging.  I've been working for a company doing political ads and after the election they'll be no ads for me to work on!  So as of this coming Friday I'll be out of work again, know anyone searching for a TV producer?  Or maybe someone that needs a caterer?  

Luckily I've had the Phillies to keep me distracted from my upcoming unemployment.  There have been a whole lot of late night Phillies love fests.  I think we'll all need to recover for several weeks after the season is over - our livers and our wallets need a break!  I mean really how many nights can end like this and still leave you able to function in the morning?

Ron and a couple friends were lucky enough to get tickets to the game yesterday - he got to the parking lot to set up the tailgate at 4pm and the game didn't finish until 2am!  There was a rain delay so they ended up being out in the rain and cold for 10 hours - but I don't think they minded!  

I've been wanting to make these donuts that I got from Joy the Baker's site for a while but I was afraid that I would eat them all if they stayed in the house.  When I found out Ron was going to the game and that the weather was going to be crappy I figured that fresh, warm donuts would be a great treat for the boys.  Donuts can be tailgate food too!   

Go to Joy's site to get the recipe and instructions along with tons of other great recipes.  Her recipes and photos are awesome - especially for a novice bakers that could use some helpful visuals like me.

Here are the progress photos - I  made whole donuts and donut holes.  I'm warning you - if you make donut holes you won't be able to resist eating them, several of them, probably at least a half dozen.   

Some donut holes were tossed in cinnamon sugar and some in plain old powdered sugar.  The whole donuts were dipped in chocolate or vanilla glaze.  Joy has lots of donut topping options here.

Here's Ron on the way to the game with a whole bag of donuts! 



Mom said...

Daddy says "yum" - can you make him some the next time you come home? said...

Of course! But I should make them for him to take to work, they're completely addicting and not as good the second day. Best to be made and eaten all in one day!

Ron C. said...

The guy tailgating next to us couldn't believe how good they were!

Totally awesome!

ron c. said...

2 AM! said...

Oops, yes, 2am - you weren't out for 22 hours. It's been corrected!